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Yunior Hurtado Torres, was born on March 16, 1977 in Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba. At 11 years old he began studying art at the Vocational School of Arts, Olga Alonzo, Santa Clara, Villa Clara.

He finished his studies as an artist in 1999 at the Professional Academy of Fine Arts Oscar Fernández Morera, Trinidad, Cuba. 

Since then he has developed his artistic work participating in events inside and outside his country with more than 40 personal and collective exhibitions. His works are in collections of different countries of the world, emphasizing Denmark and the USA. His work has been shown in different publications such as, Kunst magazine 2010 # 2, Copenhagen, Poets Artists 2016 # 77 "Chevere" USA, Poets Artists 2016 # 79 "Figurative Painters" USA, American Art Collector 2016 # 134 USA, Fine Art Connoisseur December 2016 USA. Poets Artists 2017 #87 "Woman as Warrior" USA. American Art Collector 2018 February #148 USA. American Art Collector 2023 April #210  USA.

From 2013 he moved to Lima, Peru, where he lives today.

He continues to practice and develop his artistic work as a figurative painter.

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