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"I am interested in shapes and the figurative, the human being as the center, everything that surrounds and affects him. The moments, expressions and behaviors are elements when conceiving my work.

The individual as a social entity that interacts with everything that surrounds him, vulnerable to the influences of his sociocultural environment. I am interested in emphasizing moments of the biological behavior of the human being, questioning what we are, where we come from, think and feel. Themes like joy, fragility, strength and character, spontaneity, desire to express etc…

The freshness of the moment, the spontaneous, controlling the spaces and the light are the beginning of my work process. I appropriate my reality to translate it into a universal language.

Figurative painting or a kind of pictorial realism is part of the work that I have inherited from the academy and I feel great in this medium. Likewise, I don't like framing it to a style, rather to a methodology of the process where new ideas and images are submerged.

Shapes, symbols and writings are elements that I use as a means of semiotic communication with the viewer, creating an approach to attract attention and connection..."



Limited  Edition. They are signed by the artist and certified by the Hahnemühle company. You can choose to print on different supports, 100% cotton paper or matte canvas.


Many times you feel a sanction, a very strong emotion and you have no idea what it is or how to say it, how to materialize those feelings. I tell you, art is the means to get all that is inside of you. We are thinking human beings who question and reflect on every moment of our lives but we are not always satisfied with those answers. Art does not give you answers but it does give you solutions to live full of satisfaction...

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